Circa Waves- Different Creatures (Album Review)

Different Creatures is the second studio album from Liverpool indie-rock band Circa Waves, following 2015’s Young Chasers. The album was released on the 10th March 2017, on Virgin EMI Records, having previously released the brilliant singles ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Fire That Burns’. The band toured with the album throughout the UK in March/April.

The album opens with the energetic lead single ‘Wake Up’. It’s a bold opener. It’s one of a number of catchy, loud songs on the album, which feel somewhat ‘heavier’, less ‘sun-kissed’ than that of their debut album. I like the ‘no-frills’, mature sound of these songs; it exudes a confidence that they’ve gained over the last few years of constant touring and writing. Songs like ‘Fire That Burns’, the future single ‘Goodbye’, ‘Stuck’ and title track ‘Different Creatures’ signify a boldly subtle change in direction that appeals to old and new fans alike.

Songs like ‘Without You’ are fascinating with slow breaks between upbeat, loud choruses and catchy guitar riffs. Similarly, songs like ‘A Night On The Broken Tiles’,which has a bold bass line, are catchy and fit well within an album of strong tracks. The album does, however, have a few less raucous songs nestled within the brilliantly strong upbeat songs, for example the almost balladic ‘Out On My Own’ and the beautiful acoustic ‘Love’s Run Out’.

“She text me during that” are closing the words on the album, as Kieran Shudall (lead singer) laughs to end a recording of perhaps the most notable song on the album, “Old Friends”. The closing track is wonderfully reflective and tells tales of longing. It stands out on the album and is an undoubtable highlight.

The album’s like a more grown up version of the last. It’s brilliant to hear how the band have matured and changed over the last couple of years and how they’ve produced such a strong record filled with songs that I can’t wait to hear played on tour/at festivals over the summer.


Circa Waves- Different Creatures (Album Review)

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