VANT- Dumb Blood (Album Review)

On the 17th February 2017, indie-rock band, VANT, released their debut album, Dumb Blood, on Parlophone records. The album features previously released singles, such as ‘FLY-BY ALIEN’, ‘PEACE AND LOVE’ and ‘KARMA SEEKER’.

The album opens with ‘THE ANSWER’. If anything, this question asks important questions. It’s a song about tabloid headlines, the UK’s responsibility in the world in terms of war and peace and the media’s coverage. It opens the album perfectly. It’s raucous, frantic even, yet it’s important.

The album is filled with plenty of scarily significant songs, especially in the Trump, post-Brexit world we live in. Songs like ‘PUT DOWN YOUR GUN’ (which echoes the attitudes of pretty aware, articulate group of lads), the album’s lead single ‘PEACE AND LOVE’ and the poignant, thought provoking ‘I DON’T BELIEVE IN GOD’. Songs like ‘LAMPOON’ and the very short ‘PARASITE’ are energetic and raucous and contrast that of songs like ‘I DON’T BELIEVE IN GOD’. The album is full of these eye-opening, ‘protest’ songs, if you will.

The album features a deep cut, 7-minute song- ‘ARE WE FREE?’- nestled after a handful of shorter songs (which just about hit the 2:30 mark). It shows off the band’s brilliant playing talent, as well as showcasing the band’s fantastically well written lyrics. It talks of hard, taboo subjects of rape and natural disasters. Like with many of the other songs it’s thoroughly thought provoking and profound. It’s utterly stunning.

“I don’t wanna give in. I don’t wanna get out. But this air that we breathe fills me with doubt”

The album ends with ‘TIME & MONEY’. Again, another brilliantly written song. It’s lyrics-along with most of the other songs- perfectly encapsulate today’s world and the world we live in. It’s one of those you almost want to put in a time capsule, or rather send to the world’s leading political figures as a harsh reality wake up call.

“Oil spill, cheap thrill, land fill, blood for honey
Trapped on an earth fuelled by time and money, money
Tick, tock, time bomb, hope’s gone
All we’ve got is time”

VANT, from Planet Earth, have done something special with this album. It’s honest, political and the songs are clever in a way that if you didn’t understand the politically laced, hyper-aware lyrics then you could still appreciate the music. What’s more, they do something phenomenal in bringing (what I dare to call) ‘protest’, thought-provoking music to the mainstream, on a major record label (Parlophone, who work with artists like Coldplay, Blur and Paul Weller). It’s refreshing and different and I love it. I can’t wait to see where they go next. They won’t sit around and wait.

VANT- Dumb Blood (Album Review)

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