What I’m Listening To- October 2016

As Winter ‘creeps’ up, it’s time to get cosy with some new music and golden oldies.

This October Dirty Hit announced that they had signed King Nun, a fantastic up and coming band which I’ve liked for a while now, with a debut single, ‘Tulip’. I saw the band last year (for free!!!!) in the middle of Kingston for a Banquet Records summer show type thing, along with the equally talented Jungle Doctors. I remember thinking that they were good and now they’re back with this! The single is loud and frantic and I love it. It’s all over the place- in a nice way. It’s raw and heavily guitar laced. Keep an eye on the London lads.

VANT have just finished touring with You Me At Six and have announced details of their debut album. I am so excited about this, as I’ve been waiting so long for it. Their debut album, Peace and Love, is due on the 17th February.  It’ll feature all the current faves and a whole host of new ones- how exciting! VANT, from planet Earth, are on a UK tour currently.

Ahhhhh, this is a weird and exciting thing that happened over the last few months which I haven’t previously been able to talk about. Way back in August, in a time before Reading 2016, I was called by the BBC to take part in a ‘Music Focus Group’, which didn’t end up being a ‘Music Focus Group’ after all (and, for your information, they don’t actually exist, which I was most upset about). I don’t want to give too much away because I don’t know if it’s a format they’ll do again in the future, and there’s no fun in spoiling it for others, but somehow I ended up getting stuck in a lift with Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs reassuring me it’d be alright and then, in a really odd turn of events, having the Kaiser Chiefs sing ‘Ruby’ in front of me… literally. in. front. They also played their recent single ‘Hole In My Soul’, too, and it was all filmed! It was an odd, but nonetheless brilliant experience which I was very grateful to have been able to take part in. Luckily for everyone, I think there’s still a few days of it left on the old BBC iPlayer to be enjoyed: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03xkg0j/episodes/player – thank me later!

Glastonbury organisers have announced Radiohead as the first confirmed headliner for Glastonbury 2017, via a large Radiohead crop circle type thing. The band will headline Glastonbury Festival on the Friday. The air is rife with rumours of who else will be joining Radiohead, with many reports indicating it could be The Foo Fighters, Lady Gaga, The Stone Roses or Ed Sheeran. Robbie Williams has announced an interest to headline and Cliff Richard is also rumoured (help us)! Obviously, these rumours will keep coming thick and fast before anything is officially released. Either way, I can’t wait for the full line up release next year eeeee. The thought of summer festivals is giving me hope through the relatively festival free winter.

The Courteeners released their album Mapping the Rendezvous this month, too. It’s an album that I can’t wait to review shortly. The band tour in November, with Liverpool beauties Clean Cut Kid, and also play two shows at Banquet Records in December.

Two Door Cinema Club released their brilliant disco fuelled album, Gameshow. The band also announced a tour which includes a couple of dates at Alexandra Palace in the new year, which I’m so excited for.

This month’s playlist includes a lot of Two Door Cinema Club because I’ve been craving the summer vibes all throughout ‘the changing of the seasons’ (I hope you appreciated that Two Door Cinema Club reference), Mø (because ‘Final Song’ is a good song) and Blossoms, as always. I had a nostalgic evening listening to Lily Allen too.

In November I’ve got so many concerts coming up. From Catfish and the Bottlemen to Jake Bugg to Tom Odell, it’s a busy month! I’ve also got a week on tour with Black Grape for work experience, which I am beyond excited for. I can’t wait to see what the next month brings.

What I’m Listening To- October 2016

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