Blossoms, O2 Kentish Town Forum, 29/09/2016

Blossoms played a sold out show at the O2 Kentish Town Forum on the 29th September 2016 as part of their sold out Autumn UK tour. They were supported by the raucous, angsty, politically lined post-punk band, Cabbage, and the brilliant up and coming Declan McKenna. Both bands are leading the way in the new alternative scene and so this line up was particularly exciting for me. Blossoms played this tour in support of their debut album’s, Blossoms, release.

The band played an effortlessly cool and brilliant set, which featured many songs from their debut album. They played 11 songs from their 12 track debut album (the only song they didn’t play was ‘Onto Her Bed’), including ‘At Most A Kiss’, ‘Getaway’ and ‘Texia’, with ‘Across The Moor’, from the Charlemagne EP nestled in there, too.

The set was not without its personal touches though, meaning every show is different. The band dedicated ‘My Favourite Room’ to a newly “dumped” man in the crowd and changed the names in the song accordingly. This acoustic break felt intimate and the crowd loved it. The addition of “Joe looks like John Snow” in ‘Charlemagne’ was also hilarious and special. It proved how legitimate they are as a band and how authentic they are live. They seem to be a bunch of Stockport lads with lots of determination who genuinely seem as though they were having the time of their lives.

There was no ‘encore’ as such, which is seemingly an increasingly popular decision. An encore wasn’t even necessary though because the audience were enjoying it so much that band played to continued roars of applause the whole way through. The band ended with their, arguably, biggest hit, ‘Charlemagne’, having followed ‘Deep Grass’, the longest track on the album, which you could tell the band enjoy playing live.  The crowd went wild when ‘Charlemagne’ was played and many sang and danced.

I’ve seen Blossoms play a few times recently and it’s been great to see them play on tour because they’ve been playing tracks which they haven’t been playing at festivals. What I love about Blossoms is the fact that, similar to bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen, they’re consistently good with no frills. The actual stage set up and lighting was simple, but Tom Ogden’s (lead singer) vocals proved that they don’t need a fancy set up to be incredible. There was still crowd interaction though, which again helped give an intimate feel, with Ogden asking the crowd who’d been to Stockport before, to which he informed us that “there’s a Tesco”. It’s this kind of chat which prove fame hasn’t gone to their heads and that they’re still very proud of their hometown. It’s admirable.

The band embark on another sold out UK tour later on in the year (November/December), but are currently  on tour in America. The tour includes a sold out show at The O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Blossoms are a band which continue to grow, not only in popularity, but in stage presence and set lists. They’re one of my favourite live bands as their sets are jam packed full of hits and lacking, but not lusting for, frills- which I like.  I can only hope to see them again soon and if you haven’t seen them yet you’re missing out, but you ought to be quick because their tickets sell like hot cakes!

Blossoms, O2 Kentish Town Forum, 29/09/2016

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