Jamie T- Trick (Album Review)

Back in June, Jamie T came back from a break with brand new track, ‘Tinfoil Boy’. Jamie T released his fourth album, Trick, on the 2nd September 2016, through Virgin Records. ‘Tinfoil Boy’ and ‘Power Over Men’ have been released as singles from the album since.

The album opens up with the first single ‘Tinfoil Boy’. It opens with a voice saying “trick”- the name of the album. It’s mysterious, almost, and prepares us for the rest of the album. It’s got classic elements of previous work, too. The chorus is simplistic, yet catchy. The lyrics “it’s times like this I feel tricked into waking up” are particularly significant within this frantic song.

There are a lot of samples on the album, for example on ‘Drone Strike’ and ‘Police Tapes’. ‘Drone Strike’ itself is very heavily rap laced- and it has a reference to Ricky Martin’s ‘Livin’ The Vida Loca’. ‘Police Tapes’, too, is quite grungy and rappy. ‘Crossfire Love’ is again filled with a lot of clever rap. It contrasts songs like ‘Joan of Arc’, but its lyrics are really captivating and almost protest lined. A woman’s voice can be heard singing “drone strike” during the chorus.

The mysterious woman’s voice can be heard at the start of ‘Power Over Men’, too. I love this song. I think it’s a catchy song, with plenty of potential to become a defining song on the album, much like ‘Solomon Eagle’. The same can be said for ‘Joan of Arc’, another brilliant song off of the album. It’s a tragic and melancholic song about love, but it’s nonetheless great. The name ‘Joan of Arc’ follows some of the historical references Jamie T brings into his songs and it’s something I find interesting.

‘Tescoland’ is a hilarious track, which, again, is utterly brilliant. It’s catchy and comical to a certain extent, whilst still telling tales true to Britain and British life. It reminds me of songs like ‘If You Got The Money’ (Panic Prevention, 2007). ‘Robin Hood’, similarly, has this almost comical tune and theme, but it’s layered with anecdotes and characters- which I love- and reminds me of songs like ‘Zombie’, from Carry On The Grudge (2014).

‘Dragon Bones’ is another strong track from the album, despite its dark theme- “Upside down inside out if I had a gun I’d blow my brains out”. It’s odd that you can’t help but sing along, despite the subject matter.

‘Sign of the Times’ is the slow song on the album. I love it when Jamie T does these slower songs. They completely break up the album and help piece it together perfectly. I love the lyrics, which are poignant and beautiful, yet sad. You can see this in a lot of Jamie T’s songs (‘Emily’s Heart’ etc.) ‘Self Esteem’ is a hauntingly mysterious way to end the album. It’s easy to see why it was chosen. It ends like it begins- with an air of mystery about it. It fizzles out to another sample of the women’s voice, the same woman we hear to begin with, saying “maybe I noticed you”.

Trick is a huge triumph for Jamie T. My favourite songs from the album are definitely ‘Joan of Arc’, ‘Tescoland’ and ‘Power Over Men’. It’s an album that I can’t wait to see Jamie T tour with this month. Jamie T is on an 18 date UK tour throughout October with The Wytches and is playing three shows at the O2 Brixton Academy.



Jamie T- Trick (Album Review)

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