The Hunna- 100 (album review)

The Hunna released their debut album, 100, on the 26th August 2016. The Hertfordshire band have been around for the last year and have finally released their long awaited debut album,  in the midst of Reading and Leeds weekend and touring.

The album opens with “Bonfire”, a single from the album. It’s an explosive way to begin the album with its catchy chorus and huge guitar riffs. It’s a song that’ll have you tapping your feet by the end and you just can’t help but sing along. It’s a huge opener and a brilliant call for the start.

The album is laced with many a guitar laced tune, such as ‘Alive’, ‘World Is Ours’, ‘Waiting’ and ‘Bad For You’. There’s a definite Coasts feel to the record, along with hints of Circa Waves, Nothing But Thieves and Saint Raymond, throughout. There’s something comforting and familiar in songs like ‘Brother’, yet there’s something about it, as an album, that makes it refreshingly different.

‘You and Me’ and ‘She’s Casual’ are particularly stand out on the album. They’re two of the best songs on the record. I particularly love the way ‘She’s Casual’ builds up from slow to full band and how it fits nicely at the beginning of the album. ‘You and Me’ was one of the lead releases from the album, too.

There are a few of the slower, more acoustic songs in there, too, such as ‘Sycamore Tree’. The song breaks up the album and there’s a nice break between the more raucous, heavier side of the album. It’s a poignant song and one which I like.

The album closes with ‘Rock My Way’. It’s full of guitars and drums and leaves a lasting impression on the lister. It’s big, powerful and catchy. It stops abruptly, deliberately, so you crave more. The album most certainly doesn’t “fizzle out” towards the end.

The Hunna’s debut album is triumphant. Some of the songs do sound similar though, although that’s perhaps to be expected from a 16 song record, but overall it’s brilliant. I can’t wait to see what the band have to come.

The hunna are currently on a UK tour with Blaenavon.

The Hunna- 100 (album review)

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