Blossoms- The Hippodrome, Banquet Records, 11/09/2016

On Thursday 11th August 2016, the first Thursday post debut album release, at 8pm Blossoms played the first of two album release shows at The Hippodrome for Banquet Records. I attended the earlier, under 18’s show.

What I love about Banquet Records shows is that they’re one of the only times, if not the only time, you’ll get to be so up close and personal with huge or up and coming artists. I’m 10 months of my 18th birthday, so for now I have to attend the under 18s or all ages album release shows. This, however, was far more intimate than you can imagine. There were literally a handful of people there- 75 maybe- and, having seen them play Glastonbury a couple of months ago, this was unlike I’d ever experience them before. I’m never usually on the barrier and I don’t usually end up with a setlist, but this time I did.

The band played a short set compiled of mainly album tracks and songs off of their previous EPs, as requested by fans. Blossoms played “Across the Moor”, from the Charlemagne EP, instead of Blow as fans in the crowd requested it. Tom Ogden (lead singer) played solo on the acoustic guitar for an impromptu performance of “My Favourite Room” after fans called it out, despite not originally being on the set list. The whole band joined in at the end and seamlessly linked into the next song.

The set was a crowd pleaser with popular favourites such as “Getaway” and “At Most A Kiss” played, which the crowd loved. The highlight of the set, for me, was “Smashed Pianos”, as it’s a huge song which could be overlooked on the album as it’s nestled between hugely popular singles. The atmosphere was buzzing, despite the band not understanding why the few of us there couldn’t go to the later show.

The band closed with the single “Charlemagne”, which was loved by the audience. The fans sang and danced loudly with the band as they left the stage to loud applause and wished to see everyone at their upcoming London shows.

The set was short, sweet and triumphant. Blossoms are a band about to explode and make it big time. If you can catch Blossoms at a venue near you, do it; you won’t regret it. Whilst the set up was a bit weird, the set was great and appreciated by the fans. They followed up with a New Slang show later in the evening.

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Blossoms- The Hippodrome, Banquet Records, 11/09/2016

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