On My One- Jake Bugg (Album Review)

On My One is the third studio album by Nottingham indie rock singer-songwriter Jake Bugg. It was released on the 17th June 2016, on Virgin EMI Records. The album comes two years after “Shangri La” and was eagerly anticipated by many.

The album opens up with the title track “On My One”, which is a hauntingly slow and simple song. Jake Bugg’s incredibly stunning and unique voice echoes and he is able to show off how great he is as a singer. You can’t help but stop and listen. The lyrics are simple too and repeat often, so it’s easy to sing along with. It gently introduces us to the album and sets the tone. It was the first released song from the album and was his “comeback single” (when I first heard it I wasn’t originally sure).

The album features a fair share of upbeat tracks, such as “Gimme The Love”. “Gimme The Love” is another song I wasn’t so sure about when I first heard it. It’s very upbeat and is quite different to many of Bugg’s previously material, although it does have similarities to songs like “Slumville Sunrise”. It was quite a gamble for Bugg, but it paid off. “Bitter salt”, whilst Bugg’s unique voice shines, is again upbeat. It’s a brilliant song and I can guarantee you’ll be singing “it’s on” over and over again having listened to it.

“Love, Hope and Misery” was released as a single for the album. It’s a ballad- a ballad! It’s an incredibly bittersweet love and heartbreak song. I can’t help but think the recorded version is perhaps too high, as Jake Bugg barely sings it this high when performing live. Nonetheless, it’s a brilliant little song.

“The Love We’re Hoping For”, “Never Wanna Dance”, “Living Up Country” and “Hold on You” all remain true to a signature Jake Bugg style. There’s faint hints of country laced within the song and each song is set perfectly within the album. They provide the essential mix between the riskier newer material and the classic Bugg stuff.

“Put Out The Fire” reminds me of “There’s A Beast And We All Feed It” from “Shangri La”. It’s a sweet little ditty which fits nicely within the album’s context. It’s a song I can’t wait to hear played live properly. The lyrics are funny and simple too.

“Ain’t No Rhyme” sees Jake Bugg rapping… Make of it what you will, but after hearing it a few times it’s not that bad. At first I was genuinely perplexed as to why it made it onto the album and by  this point you could see the clear “hip-hop” influence creeping in. Whether it works or not is up to you to decide, but he’s no Skepta. The lyrics are very clever though.

“All That” is by far one of my favourites on the album. Its lyrics are simply beautiful and it reminds me of “Broken” from his debut album “Jake Bugg”. You can listen to it again and again tirelessly as it’s so easy to listen to and simply wonderful. It’s a little love song, performed on an acoustic guitar. This is another song I can’t wait to see performed live.

“On My One” is currently one of my favourite albums this year. It’s different to his other albums, but it works. I think it’s a brilliant record where every single song is just exceptional. Bugg has remained close to his perfected sound in parts, but has often thrown in something totally unexpected and random. I never thought I’d ever hear Jake Bugg rap either.

You can see Jake Bugg headline the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury Festival on the Sunday night or you can catch him playing on his headline UK tour this Autumn/Winter (November) and I assure you he’s not one to be missed.

On My One- Jake Bugg (Album Review)

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