May 2016- What I’m Listening To

May was a good month with its fair share of brilliant new releases from many huge artists and bands, both new and old.

Firstly, Jake Bugg has released a few songs off of his upcoming album- “On My One” (out June 17th)- prior to its release. The latest single is called “Love, Hope and Misery” and it’s a huge bittersweet ballad. It’s not unusual for Bugg to throw a few of these in here and there (see “Broken” from his debut album “Jake Bugg”- simply stunning) and “Love, Hope and Misery” joins the already brilliant “Gimme the Love” (an excitingly new and upbeat sound for Bugg, boasting outside influence) and “On My One” (the total opposite to Gimme the Love. Love, Hope and Misery meets nicely in the middle). He has also released “Bitter salt” another interesting and unique new song for the Nottingham lad. So far we’ve heard may different styles seep from the seemingly impressive album. Luckily, there’s only a few days before its official release (and Bugg himself says the record is “make or break”).

The Stone Roses are back! The first single from the new album is called “One For All” and it was released early last month. It was an exceptionally great song for a band whose reunion was, or rather is, arguably, the most highly anticipated reunion of 2016. I like the song, but many were left disappointed by the, perhaps ‘lack lustre’, comeback single. It’ll be interesting to see, or rather hear, what the other songs are like. The band are about to embark on a four night stunt at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, before headlining T in the Park, in Scotland, in July.

Tom Odell has been the highlight of my month… From his stunning BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge cover (in Exeter) of Mike Posner’s “In Ibiza” (, to buying his first album and playing it over and over and over (after years of being a fan) and to the new songs he released before the whole album, “Wrong Crowd” (June 10th). Singles like “Here I Am” and “Magnetised” are proving extremely popular among audiences and I’m excited to see what the album release brings for him!

I’m really in to Blossoms at the moment. Their set at BBC Radio One’s Big Weekend, in Exeter, was absolutely amazing (one of my favourites). Their latest single, “Getaway”, proved popular among the audience both at home and in the studio on “Later… With Jools Holland”. This series of Later… With Jools Holland has been incredible. From (Alex Turner looking like… erm… someone’s Grandad) The Last Shadow Puppets to Spring King, we’ve seen it all this series.

Catfish and the Bottlemen released their second album “The Ride” on the 27th May. The album is bursting with hits and crowd pleasers. The album has been playing a lot around the house and in the car. It’s one you need to listen to a few times to fully appreciate, but it’s a good album nonetheless- one that I’m sure will be overplayed!

This month I’ve seen Rat Boy, which was very energetic, mad and ridiculously hot and sweaty. I also saw Jake Bugg play an intimate acoustic show at the Hippodrome in Kingston. There were only a handful of people there which made the evening extra special. Bugg played a selection of acoustic versions of well loved, previously released songs and newer, unreleased gems. I’ve also been to Radio One’s Big Weekend (in Exeter) which, again, was amazing. There’s been so much good music this month and Big Weekend has opened me up to more genres and I got to see some of my favourites- result!

Although the Glastonbury announcement was (technically) this month (June) I will talk about it now as it won’t be relevant next month, as Glastonbury is NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!! (<slightly, or very, unnecessary I suppose). New additions include Tom Odell, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Tame Impala, which join the likes of Coldplay, The 1975 and Wolf Alice. I can’t get over how amazing it will be. I’m overwhelmed by all the talent, new (The Big Moon, Blaenavon, VANT) , old (Adele, The Last Shadow Puppets etc) and well loved (ELO, Madness, ZZ Top), which Glastonbury has to offer.

Other additions to this month’s playlist include Jack Garrett (I loved “Surprise Yourself” especially this month), Years & Years (as I can’t get over how sweet Olly Alexander is) and Biffy Clyro (for that odd bit of rock; it’s good for the heart, or something). Also, there’s Mumford and Son’s beautiful song “There Will Be Time” with Baaba Maal (a lovely song to lie in bed and listen to; it’s quite something).

June brings Glastonbury, obviously. As well as Coldplay (on and for my birthday) as I was so moved by the performance at Big Weekend. I think it’ll be a very special day.



May 2016- What I’m Listening To

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