Rat Boy- Concorde 2, Brighton, 07/05/2016

On Saturday the 7th May 2016 Essex’s Rat Boy- AKA Jordan Cardy- finished his UK tour by playing Brighton’s Concorde 2. He was supported by NYC’s energetic Skaters and Cosmo Pyke. Rat Boy were one of my “ones to watch in 2016”.

I’ve been looking forward to Rat Boy’s headline tour since seeing him play at Banquet Records last year and at Reading Festival. I also saw him support The 1975 at the Brighton Centre back in November last year, where his wild antics got seemingly lost in the (mostly perplexed) crowd. This tour has been far from the tame crowds of last year’s The 1975 concert… There’s been security pulling them off stage by their chains and their London show at the Electric Brixton having to be pulled by the venue as a result of Cardy literally getting into the crowd (bear in mind this is the first time they’ve ever had to do this).

Even before Rat Boy started there was an air of hysteria and excitement. When Jordan and co came on stage, wearing caricature masks of themselves and Jordan’s artwork, and burst into latest single “Move”, the crowd literally began to move and didn’t stop for a further hour and a bit. There were people jumping, “moshing”, stage invading, limply attempting to crowd surf, and some guy was literally wrestled ferociously by security out of the venue- it was certainly quite entertaining to watch.

They showcased an array of new songs, like “Hanging Round”, within a few familiar favourites, like “Wasteman” and “Left For Dead”. They followed this by playing a short two song encore featuring “Sign on” and “Fake ID”, which left the crowd in a hot and sweaty state. At this point- when everyone (including the band) her presumed the concert had finished- Jordan decided to play “Move” again because a) it was the end of the tour and b) why not?

Overall, it was a great concert in one of Brighton’s greatest hidden, little venues. It was hot and sweaty and fuelled with teenage enthusiasm. Jordan and co look as though they’re having the time of their lives and I eagerly anticipate an album in the future, as well as seeing them conquer various festivals throughout the festival season.

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Rat Boy- Concorde 2, Brighton, 07/05/2016

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