BBC Radio 1 Presents… with Jake Bugg, Lady Leshurr and The 1975- O2 Kentish Town Forum, 29/02/2016

On the 29th February 2016, BBC Radio 1, as part of “BBC Radio 1 Presents…”, presented an evening with Jake Bugg, Lady Leshurr and The 1975. It was a two hour event, hosted by Annie Mac on her radio show.  It showcased new music by Jake Bugg and The 1975, as well as a short set by Birmingham MC, Lady Leshurr.

The evening opened with Annie Mac presenting Nottingham’s finest, Jake Bugg. Bugg played a 40 minute set which opened with his two latest songs, “On My One” and “Gimme The Love”. These songs, having only been played a handful of times live before, were enjoyed by the audience, although many were (perhaps not unsurprisingly) not necessarily familiar with the songs. I’m looking forward to hearing more of Jake Bugg’s new material in the coming months and, obviously, to the release of his new album on the 17th June this year, called “On My One”. His newer material is seemingly different to the older stuff which he has previously released, especially “Gimme The Love”. He played older material too, from his previous albums “Jake Bugg” and “Shangri La”, such as “Simple Pleasures”, “Messed Up Kids” and “Two Fingers”. The audience sang along and cheered whilst Bugg muttered “thank you very much” multiple times after each song. The highlight of the set was “Lightening Bolt” as the audience seemed to wake up and enjoy the song. Despite the sea of phones, many sang and danced as Bugg concluded his set with his arguably most famous hit.

Then Birmingham MC Lady Leshurr played. She played a short set full of post-modernistic references, catchy hooks and relevant anecdotes of typical teenage life. Each of the songs were from her “Queen’s Speech”  series and the lyrics were witty and unbelievably catchy. Before “Queen’s speech Ep. 4”, Leshurr threw a whole box of Poundland toothbrushes into the audience encouraging them to pretend to ‘brush their teeth’ whilst she rapped “brush your teeth”. Whether you’re “brushing your teeth” or being a “MAD TING” or screaming “Crispy Bacon”,  you can’t deny that she’s not incredibly talented. It’s not my usual thing, but the audience (perhaps ironically) seemed to love her too!

Finally, The 1975 played. This, having been the first time they’ve played since the release of their latest album “I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It” three days prior the event, was met with a sea of fans who already knew the lyrics perfectly. They played mostly songs from the new album, many of which being the first time they had been played live. The atmosphere at The 1975’s concerts are always incredible and this one was especially special as it was very intimate. They played their most recent singles “Love Me” and “The Sound”, as well as future single “Change of Heart”, whilst Matty Healy (lead singer) danced about on stage carrying a glass of wine. These songs were amazingly well received and embraced by the audience, who openly accepted this change in sound. They even brought their impressive live set up with them by having a huge LED screen change sympathetically with the music, making it not only a pleasure to hear but also visually stimulating. They debuted “Ugh!” and “If I Believe You” too. They played “If I Believe You” live accompanied by a choir and a trumpeter which created a special atmosphere in the room. Although it was only a short set, 40 minutes (which could’ve gone on a lot longer), the new album proved a success with the BBC Radio 1 audience, both present and those listening on the radio. I could’ve listened to them play every song off the new album as I’m totally in love with it at the moment. It’s incredible. They still managed to squeeze in “Chocolate” and “Girls” though from their debut album, “The 1975”.

This was an incredibly special evening of live music which showcased the best of British music on the scene right now. The evening proved a triumphant success and one that will remain one to remember for years to come. I look forward to seeing The 1975 on their latest tour on the final night of their sold out Brixton run of five dates and hopefully seeing Jake Bugg and Lady Leshurr again soon too.

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BBC Radio 1 Presents… with Jake Bugg, Lady Leshurr and The 1975- O2 Kentish Town Forum, 29/02/2016

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