Sundara Karma- Patterns, Brighton, 27/02/2016

At the beginning of this year I wrote a blog post about a few (of the many) bands that I think you should look out for this year and Sundara Karma were one of them. Having toured with bands like The Wombats and played sets at festivals like Reading, they’re already on the path to success.

On the 27th February 2016, at Brighton’s ‘Patterns’ (which was previously called ‘Audio’), Sundara Karma played a short and sweet, yet ridiculously hot and sweaty, set supported by Blaenavon and Beach Baby.

The band opened with their latest single “A Young Understanding”. Heavily laced with electric guitars and The Vaccines style vocals, it got the crowd warmed up. The song is from their debut album, which they hope to release later this year. They played many songs from said upcoming album, including “Olympia”. With memorable chorus’ and catchy melodies the album is looking promising thus far and I eagerly anticipate its release.

They played a mix of songs from their previous EPs, “EP I” and “EP II” (which I bought whilst I was there), which the audience knew and sang along with. These songs are made to be performed live in front of an audience and it worked especially well in this venue due to its intimate feel and smaller capacity.

The highlight of the set, for me, was “Flame”, which they played quite early on. “Flame” was the first song I knew of the band and the audience seemed to enjoy it too. People sang and danced, whilst the middle of the audience jumped as one. The atmosphere was especially buzzing for this song (which was the same when I saw them play Reading Festival last year).

The band played a short, two song encore, which consisted of “The Night” and “Loveblood” (both from 2015’s EP I). “Loveblood” was another highlight for me as it topped off the night perfectly. The audience knew these songs really well and collectively sang along with the band. Having finished the set they hung about afterwards for fans to say hello, and that’s my favourite thing about bands (and venues) like this. It makes the evening extra special!

Sundara Karma are destined to play huge stages in the future, but for now the intimacy of Patterns (which was quite literally underground) was a perfect place for the band to exhibit new music to a youthful crowd (although there were handfuls of older people there too, and why not as the band are great), whilst anticipating an album release. The evening was exciting, whilst undeniably hot due to all the jumping and dancing.  They had an amazing stage presence and a clear talent for music. They’re definitely ones to look out for and catch at some of the festivals they’re doing this summer, as well as on their current headline tour.

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Sundara Karma- Patterns, Brighton, 27/02/2016

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