December Playlist- What I’m Listening To

Christmas is over, the newness of New Year is starting to wear thin and, just 11 days in to January, we’ve lost one of the world’s last living musical legends- David Bowie. I’ve been a bit slow in uploading last month’s playlist as I’ve been trying to adjust back into the post-christmas life!

Lots seemed to happen in December. Lemmy from Mötorhead died for a start, which was quite shocking. I’ve never been a huge Mötorhead fan but I was lucky enough to see them at Glastonbury last year, just before The Libertines’ surprise set (on the Pyramid Stage). Although not as lucky to witness a man dislocate his knee whilst head-banging in the process. It was extremely shocking to hear the news of his death as it’s something you just don’t expect to ever happen… You just expect him to go on and on and on like the legend he was.

Also, The 1975 released another song from their new album, “I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet You Are So Unaware Of It”, which is released in February this year. The song was called “Ugh!” but they made it quite clear that it wasn’t a single, more like a social experiment. Ugh! is a song about Healy’s relationship with cocaine and it was premiered on Beats 1 with Zane Lowe. I love this song a lot and am totally ready- if I haven’t already been submerged- to embrace and welcome this new era from The 1975. It’s so funky (I’m not even sure if I’m ashamed or not for using that word). This Thursday (14th January) The 1975 preview “The Sound” on BBC Radio 1 on Annie Mac’s show. I’m excited to hear it as I heard them sing it live in November and was keen to hear a recorded version!

Also on the playlist there’s “Naïve” by The Kooks… Yes, this song was originally released 8 years ago (eight years ago) but I’ve rediscovered my love for the band and some of their classics!

There’s also Everything Everything’s “No Reptiles”. I’ve been really into Everything Everything lately. I remember hearing this song for the first time at Reading Festival 2015 and the words “do you ever feel like a fat child in a push chair old enough to run?” stuck in my mind due to the quirky simile. I finally figured out which song it was (after nearly 6 months) and have listened to it a lot recently as a result!

There’s also The Courteeners (I’ve started getting really into the Courteeners recently), Wolf Alice and Tame Impala (I finally got the album, as a Christmas present) on there too. Also, Sundara Karma who I’ve been loving recently as well.

In January, I’m looking forward to seeing The Maccabees. I’m also looking forward to the release of new songs by Rat Boy and The 1975- among others.


December Playlist- What I’m Listening To

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