Swim Deep- Concorde 2, Brighton 21/10/2015

Last Wednesday (21/10/2015), Birmingham band Swim Deep played Concorde 2, in Brighton, ahead of their headline show at the Roundhouse, in London, the following night. They played a set full of new songs, from their latest album Mothers  (released earlier this month), and songs from their first record “Where the Heaven Are We”. They were supported by Scottish band “Catholic Action” and “The Magic Gang” who were from Brighton themselves. The support acts were perfect in warming up the crowd and are definitely worth checking out.

I’ve seen Swim Deep a few times this year at various festivals and again at Banquet Records earlier this month but this was my first Swim Deep headlining gig and it was everything I could have hoped for. I love how they craft each setlist to appeal to a certain audience or place.

They opened with “Namaste” from their latest album, Mothers. It’s an upbeat and up-tempo song which made the long waiting crowd excited for an evening of incredible live music. They played other songs from Mothers too including “Grand Affection”, “Forever Spaceman” and eight minute long “Fueiho Boogie”- which is mostly instrumental and showed the bands incredibly skilled instrumental talents. Additional instruments like keyboards, synthesisers and even maracas were used in order to create complex and interesting songs throughout the gig.

As well as this, the band played songs from “Where the Heaven Are We”, the band’s first album. They played songs like “Honey” (my favourite Swim Deep song), “King City” and “Fransisco” which created a buzzing atmosphere among the audience and caused a wave of singing and dancing within the crowd as the audience were familiar with these songs.

There was also an encore. They played three songs: “Laniakea” (which they’d only played a few times before- one of which was at Banquet Records), “She Changes the Weather” and closed with “To My Brother”. These songs were brilliant live with a full band and the audience were involved by singing and dancing along with Williams (lead singer) and the rest of the band.

Overall the evening was amazing. One of the best concerts I’ve been to in a while as it was incredible being in a crowd who danced and jumped the whole night whilst belting the lyrics along with Austin Williams. It was nice to see the full band perform songs from the new album and experience a full Swim Deep show. It was a fun, feel-good set full of enthusiasm and synthy tunes. I’d definitely see them again and recommend them to anyone!

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Swim Deep- Concorde 2, Brighton 21/10/2015

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