Rat Boy- Banquet Records 13/10/2015

Rat Boy.

Rat Boy played a full band set in-store at Banquet Records on the 13th October.  He, accompanied by the band, played many songs from his mixtapes and from the latest single, Fake ID. The audience went crazy for him. I’ve seen him once before, at Reading Festival 2015, and thought he was amazing then.

There’s something about them that I love. I can’t work out if it’s the catchy songs, the fact my parents hate the music or the resemblance to artists like Jamie T (or all of it at the same time) that makes it so appealing. He’s definitely the most exciting new artist on the scene and the majority of people into “indie” music would probably have heard of him somehow. The same can’t be said for the drunken lady outside the record shop who asked my sister who he was… She most definitely hadn’t heard of him. He’s toured with bands like Circa Waves and is going on tour, next month, with The 1975 in the UK.

The gig was extrememly intimate. There was probably 50-100 people in there and there wasn’t any fancy lighting or sound equipment particularly, just a few amps, two speakers and the band set up at the front of the store. These shows are always special.

Jordan (Rat Boy) and the band played songs like “Sign On”, “Wasteman”, “Fake ID” and “Left 4 Dead”. The audience were buzzing and managed to do a “wall of death thing” as incited by Jordan. Someone even crowd surfed (although subsequently fell to the floor due to the lack of people there to actually catch him) and many people were jumping along.

The audience loved the set. It was unmissable. I’d recommend to anyone to see him now before he makes it really big (and it will happen) as he delivered an exciting and energetic teenage angst fuelled (and maybe anecdotal) song set.

We also met the Jordan and the band (Liam, Noah and Harry) afterwards and they were extremely talkative and lovely. They signed our records and even took a photo with us. It was a brilliant night and I can’t wait to see them open for The 1975 next month.

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Rat Boy- Banquet Records 13/10/2015

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