Fall Out Boy- SSE Arena 11/10/2015

On the 11th October Fall Out Boy played the first (of two) shows at Wembley’s SSE Arena, this one was sold out. They were supported by Charley Marley (who is signed to Pete Wentz’s, Fall Out Boy bassist’s, record label, DCD2 records), Matt and Kim (who were slightly crazy and had such an energetic energy on stage) and Professor Green. An interesting choice of support acts for the act people had come to see but on the whole a refreshing and new experience.  The whole set was full of incredible production, exhilarating pyrotechnics  and exciting imagery which played behind the band throughout.

I’ve seen Fall Out Boy once before, at the SSE Arena.I thought they were incredible but for multiple reasons I couldn’t remember or appreciate it as much as I’d have liked to at the time (someone had set fire to my school on the day of the concert and I was all shaken up)! I felt like I had to see them again so I could fully appreciate it.

Fall Out Boy’s set was opened by a video which had a large, booming voiceover and vast imagery of people, places and things. This built up to the moment the band entered the stage and performed “Sugar, We’re Going Down”. Which warmed the eagerly awaiting crowd up for a hit filled set by the American band.

They played a mixture of songs from their latest album, “American Beauty, American Psycho”, released in January, and their older albums. They played most of their greatest hits, for example they played “Dance, Dance”, “This Ain’t a Scene it’s an Arms Race” and “I Don’t Care” among many others. This was a nostalgic dive into the past for many and the audience sang and danced along. I loved the reception these older songs got as their newer material is quite different from some of their older material and many people would know it- they’re almost anthemic. They also covered Michael Jackson’s “Beat it” which I think they executed well (and not many people can) whilst still putting their own unique spin on it.

They played songs from their latest album, “American Beauty, American Psyco”, including the title track, “Uma Thurman”, “Centuries” and “Irresistible”.  I knew these songs, however, I wasn’t too keen on the newest album for many reasons. These songs seemed to cater for the pop lover and the audience seemed keen to sing along knowing the words well. It’s interesting to see the shift in audience this time from last time I saw them since the release of the album.

There was a short two song acoustic set, on the small stage in the centre of the standing crowd, during the performance. The main stage fell black and another video was shown as a continuation from the first one whilst the band trailed onto the smaller stage. All but the drummer, Andy Hurley, were on the smaller stage and they sang “Immortals” and “Young Volcanoes”. This felt incredibly intimate despite the huge crowd that encased them. The arena was lit up by phone torches and lighters which was a picturesque view and was special to see and be a part of. They exited the stage whilst the audience were distracted by Hurley’s drum solo on the main stage as they burst into “Dance, Dance”.

The encore consisted of two songs. It came after Pete Wentz spoke to the audience and thanked them, whilst making sure the audience were okay and not in trouble. They played “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” (from the last album, “Save Rock and Roll”) and “Saturday” (which they always end with).

Overall, the concert was energetic and fun and there was an incredible amount of work and production that had gone into making it look visually exciting and stimulating as well as sounding well. Patrick Stump’s (lead singer) vocals were mostly faultless and the band were incredibly thankful for the experience. However, I felt like it was a repeat of the last Fall Out Boy concert. Both concerts were similar and showed similar videos between songs, possessed a similar acoustic break and even played similar songs. I preferred the last album too so I felt that the last concert was perhaps more enjoyable for me as they played more of it. I would say that they’re probably a band that you would only see once or twice as their sets can become more repetitive and samey if seen too many times.

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Fall Out Boy- SSE Arena 11/10/2015

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