Swim Deep- Banquet Records 08/10/2015

On the 8th October 2015 I saw Swim Deep play an intimate acoustic record release show, in-store at Banquet Records in Kingston. The band followed the in-store with another (full band) album release show at New Slang in Kingston later in the evening at the Hippodrome. They played a short set, which showcased songs off their new album, Mothers (released on the 2nd October). The set was short but sweet. They said the show was something different as they don’t often play acoustically which made it special. As it was acoustic, It wasn’t a full band set. Lead singer, Austin Williams, was joined by Drummer, Zachary Robinson (who perched on the counter with a pair of maracas), and keyboardist/synthesiser player, James Balmont.

They opened with an acoustic version of “To My Brother”, the first single from the second album. The audience seemed familiar with the song but the room was mostly silent so you could hear Williams’ voice perfectly. They played Laniakea. They spoke about how they wrote it after seeing one of their favourite bands play at the Roundhouse (where they will play later on in the year). The song was well received and the audience enjoyed it. They also played Green Conduit- a song written about Williams’ hope after his dad told him that he saw a Leprechaun at the bottom the garden whilst gardening for “why would a father lie to his own son?” about such an experience. In the most unprofessional way, I can’t actually remember if they played “Forever Spaceman” or not (which is sort of embarrassing). Something tells me they did- I recall them talking about not having the right instruments to play it properly- but I was so caught up in the incredible atmosphere of the evening that I honestly cannot remember. They concluded with “She Changes the Weather” from their first album, “Where the Heaven Are We”. The audience knew the song and so were excited about it and sung (and swayed) along subsequently. It seemed the perfect way to conclude the evening.

The set was stripped back and intimate. It seemed special and was altogether incredible. You wouldn’t get an experience like it anywhere else. As for the venue, you couldn’t imagine a record store quite like it! I’ve been visiting Banquet Records for just over 18 months now and I don’t know where I’d be without it! Following the set, I met the (whole) band and they were incredibly nice and friendly.


Swim Deep- Banquet Records 08/10/2015

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