Peace- O2 Brixton Academy 09/10/2015

The second (of four) concerts in just under a week, this one being the Midland’s finest, Peace.

I’d been looking forward to seeing Peace as I bought my sister tickets for her birthday (she hadn’t seen them before and I felt she was missing out and, obviously, I wanted to go myself)! I’ve seen Peace four times now and seemed to be unlucky in catching them on previous tours more locally to me. Nonetheless, I saw Peace play Brixton’s O2 Academy on the 9th October 2015. They were supported by YAK and Splashh (who I was particularly excited about because I’d been a big fan of their song “All I Wanna Do” since 2013). It was Peace’s biggest gig to date and they certainly conquered it with mighty triumph.

Peace opened with O You. O You is the first song from their latest, and second, album “Happy People”, which was released in February (and is, so far, my favourite album of 2015).  This seemed a fitting start because it was like a scene setting song, the same way it sets the tone of the album. It was destined to be an opener. The band played a selection of songs from Happy People, including “Perfect Skin”, “Gen Strange” and “Lost on Me”. The audience seemed to enjoy these as they were familiar and sang and danced along.

They also played three songs acoustically: “Someday”, “Under the Moon” (both from ‘Happy People’) and “Float Forever” (from ‘In Love’). These were a nice break from the upbeat indie anthems which encased the short acoustic break. These songs were accompanied by a simplistic black and white spotted (like stars) background and a line of hung (and lit) light-bulbs. These songs were executed well by the band live and were enjoyed by the audience.

Whilst playing a lot of songs from their latest album “Happy People”, the band still played many songs from older EPs and also from their first album “In Love”. They played many songs from it, for example “Wraith”, “Follow Baby”, “Lovesick” and “Higher Than the Sun”. I particularly loved “Lovesick” (the first song of the encore) because the audience sung along with Harry Koisser (lead singer)- and loudly. I love the reception their older material receives- albeit at a concert, like this, or a festival. The audience are often buzzing to hear the band play older hits like “Follow Baby” and the atmosphere is incredible.

The band also treated the audience by playing  “1998 (Delicious)” (a cover of Binary Finary’s song of the same name), from their EP “Delicious”. It is a 10 minute track and they played it in all it’s entirety. This is musically exciting to hear live. Whilst there’s not a huge amount of singing involved in the song, it’s a prime opportunity to relish in the fine musical skills, craftmanship and instrument playing of the band themselves. The audience enjoyed this a lot. They also played “Bloodshake” from their EP, “Delicious”. The audience loved this song too.

They played a three song encore featuring “Lovesick”, “Higher Than the Sun” (both from ‘In Love’) and “World Pleasure”. “World Pleasure” is an 8 minute song from the latest album. It also ends the album, much like “O You” opens it, and was the perfect way to conclude the set with it’s instrumental. I love how they’ve opened and closed with the opening and closing songs from ‘Happy People’.

Overall, the concert was amazing. I can’t wait to see Peace play again someday, although I’m not sure if that’ll be anytime soon because they plan on playing next after writing and recording a new album. I think the audience enjoyed the set too as the atmosphere was buzzing and exciting.

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Peace- O2 Brixton Academy 09/10/2015

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