Marks To Prove It- The Maccabees (Album Review)

‘Marks To Prove It’  is the 4th album by The Maccabees. It is out now on Fiction Records. I’ve been anticipating the new Maccabees album for a while now as a result of a triumphant Glastonbury set- which unfortunately I missed as a result of clashes and getting swept up in the atmosphere (and mud) of Glastonbury- and the success of its catchy singles prior to the record release including Marks to Prove it (which, incidentally, caught my attention playing in a local Topshop) and Something Like Happiness.

The album features an eclectic selection of songs which are well thought out and well crafted in order to create an easy to listen to album which still with holds a classic Maccabees sound and vibe. The warmth of Orlando Week’s voice provides a comfort in the album which makes it an easy listen. The songs often include a melancholic undertone in the lyrics which coincide and triumph above the well composed and layered music accompaniment.

There are many highlights to this album but I particularly like Kamakura, Marks To Prove It (the title track), Slow Sun and Something Like Happiness.

Overall, I think Marks to Prove it is a triumphant success by the London band and a deserving UK number 1. I look forward to seeing them at Reading Festival on the 29th August and look forward to seeing where the album takes them.

Marks To Prove It- The Maccabees (Album Review)

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