Glastonbury Festival Sunday 28th June 2015

Sunday was headlined by The Who. It was a day full of Lionel Richie puns and exciting new acts as well as old loved favourites, like Lionel himself. The highlights included Hozier, Alt-J, Gengahr and, of course, Lionel Richie.

Hozier played the Pyramid stage early afternoon on Sunday. Hozier found fame with “Take Me to Church”, which he closed the set with, but his set saw Hozier cement a positive and hopeful future in terms of the direction he is going in. His set meant that he was able to attract new fans with his calming tones and catchy songs. It was loved by Worthy Farm and very well received by the audience. It proved the complexity of his voice and amazing variation of his songs beyond “that song”. His singing was calming and his voice is powerful. Hozier is one to keep an eye on in the future as his voice is classic and timeless.

Lionel Richie played Worthy Farm for the first time on Sunday 28th June. He played the legends slot. His voice was virtually pitch perfect and his appreciation for his 100,000+ crowd made the set seem somewhat better and extremely natural. He played a selection of songs including the infamous “Hello” (which its lyrics appeared on many flags seen throughout the weekend), “All Night Long” and “Dancing on the Ceiling”. The crowd enjoyed his set as his voice and extensive song collection appealed to the masses- no matter what generation you were from. It was definitely a special moment for Glastonbury and did what the Glastonbury Legends Slot is meant to do. His set delivered well known songs of loved classics and songs you could dance and sing to.

Alt- J graced the Pyramid Stage early evening on Sunday. The band played a selection of hits from both their albums and closed with arguably their most famous song, “Breezeblocks”. Their set included many upbeat songs and made the audience feel as though they were experiencing the music with them through the occasional electronic beats and large variety of songs. It proved their future headliner potential as it gained a large audience in its own right after having to follow Lionel Richie’s 100,000-120,000 person deep crowd and proved that different types of music can be as popular as the generic ‘pop’ music of today. Subsequently, it’s probable that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Alt-J over the next few years as their conquest into stardom is only just getting started.


Glastonbury Festival Sunday 28th June 2015

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